Kelly Curtis

Kelly Curtis



CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Gymnastics Burgener Strength Level 1

Fitness Cert III & IV

About Coach

I was involved in Gymnastics from ages 3-11 until I started to “fill out” and my coaches wanted to take my training from 5 days up to 7, and put me on a restrictive diet. Mum was not on board with this and offered me some other options. Yes I was at a high level, but I wasn’t capable of going much further in the sport. I had already been playing Netball and Basketball, and I decided to give Little Athletics a go instead. I finished out my Little Athletics career at the age of 16 (what their age groups used to go up to) with some state medals and lots of new strengths and skills. Throughout this period I was still playing netball at a representative level. I was now at the age where netball turned to the local State League and Indoor State level and I continued to play those into my early 20s. The highlight would be being selected for the U/21 Australian Indoor National team.

Turning Point

Once my State netball career ended, I started my partying years (a few years late)…. This, along with starting my first full-time office job, led to lots of weight gain and a massive loss of fitness! It was when I started to no longer fit my clothes as I used to, and running around the netball court socially felt hard, that I knew I needed to do something. I’d been going to a commercial gym for about a year but I was bored and only seeing a minor difference. This was when a friend mentioned that her Bootcamp trainer was opening a “box”. I had no idea what that meant, but went in and signed up anyway. April 2011 was my first introduction to CrossFit… and I’ve been hooked ever since! The changes to my body were the first thing I loved, but then I became focused on what my body was capable of doing - and that has carried through all my years of training.

Motivation & Passion

I had never thought that I could be a coach. I had never found anything at CrossFit easy, I always had to put in a lot of time and effort to improve or learn new skills. I love coaching for sure, I did it on top of my full-time office job for 7 years, and I tried really hard to learn and be the best I could be - but I still lacked confidence in my ability. It took me moving to the other side of the country for my partner’s work, and stepping completely outside of my comfort zone to coach and manage an affiliate there, for me to gain confidence in my ability to be a great coach and mentor. I love to help others realize their own potential and be the fittest and strongest, both physically and mentally, they can be. But to also have fun with it all and still enjoy life outside the gym!

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