5 Negative Thoughts You Need To Stop Right Now!

June 2, 2023
5 Negative Thoughts You Need To Stop Right Now!

You know something guys, getting into fitness can be tough. There are new moves to learn, new fitness boundaries to push through and probably a change of diet and lifestyle too.

But you know what’s making it harder? You!

Your negative thoughts are keeping you from achieving your fitness goals and that’s got to change if you want to succeed. But here’s the thing… do you even know you’re having negative thoughts?Aidan Dawson from CrossFit Access is going to share with you 5 negative thoughts you need to stop right now. If this article rings true then you need to book in a trial class, tell us your thoughts and we will help you to overcome them. Here we go:

1. Everyone will laugh at me

They won’t. We absolutely and 100% guarantee that our members won’t laugh at you. (Unless you come to the gym in a bear suit and then maybe!) Everyone is focused on their own personal goals, progress and workout so nobody will be looking at you and they definitely won’t be judging you. We get it, some gyms have these horrible cliques of “hot girls” or “buff guys” but that’s not our way and definitely not what will happen to you.

2. I’m not fit enough to be at the gym

Well, where are you fit enough to be then? On the couch? Everyone starts somewhere and every single one of our members had the first day. In fact, every single professional athlete in the world had the first day. Picture your future, your fit self and make that your thought. Your journey is just beginning, so keep going, think of your end results and ditch that negative thought.

3. I don’t know how to do anything

Of course, you don’t, you’re new! Did you think we would expect you to keep up with our long term members on your first day? Getting the hang of the movements can be intimidating – especially when you see others navigating them so easily. When you begin with CrossFit Access, our coaches are always on hand to help you master the movements and feel comfortable in your new environment.  If you’re still a bit nervous just ask one of the coaches but push that negative thought away right now!

4. I’m too fat to go to the gym

If this is your negative thought then stop and think for a second about just how crazy you sound. You’re too fat to go to the gym? What do you think gyms are made for? They are made for improving ourselves mentally and physically. There is no “too fat” at our gym, in fact, the “fatter” you are now, the more progress you’re going to see in your first 12 months of training (so long as you apply yourself to your training!) Every extra pound of fat lost is a step on the way to your fitness journey and it’s a journey we are going to enjoy together.

5. Exercise doesn’t work for me

Maybe you tried to exercise for a while and it didn’t give you the results you wanted but that doesn’t mean that exercise doesn’t work for you. Of course, exercise works for you! Remember that we are working towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier mindset which involves exercise, diet and positivity. Don’t feel disheartened by your previous efforts, just be determined to come back and smash your next workout even harder. Our gym is an inclusive community of like-minded members. We care about each other and we care about motivating each other to succeed. Maybe you didn’t succeed before because you didn’t have the motivation but that’s all about to change.So, stop these 5 negative thoughts and we know you’ll make much greater strides in your fitness journey. Get started now by clicking here to book into our FREE trial class…no negative thoughts allowed!

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