June 2, 2023

Huge congrats to our athlete of the month for June Craig Chilcott! Craig is one our most dedicated masters athletes, all round nice guys & super Dad! Craig has recently qualified to compete for the WA state Masters team AND the Allstars alliance team! You can find Craig at our afternoon classes alongside his buddy Glen or trying to beat coaches Kayla & Aidan in every WOD (competitive much!) Craig’s been focusing on increasing his squat strength during the off season and we are excited to see how that pays off heading into the second half of the year.

Let's get to know more about this inspiring athlete here:

• Name: Craig Chilcott

• Age: 38

• Occupation: Electrician

• How long have you been at CrossFit Access? just over a year

• What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Fishing, eating, Just hanging with my little family.

• What is your favourite and least favourite movements or WODs? Least favourite is air squats. Favourite would be either heavy snatch or overhead squats. Favourite WODS would be something gross with like barbell facing burpees, usually the stuff that everyone else hates!

• What your biggest achievement so far? I’ve managed to podium at few local comps now, and just recently made the state team for Masters League.

• What are your future goals? I want to Podium for the Masters League in Queensland in September.

• Tell us something we don’t know about you. I don’t like scary movies• Who’s your box buddy? pre workout powder.

• Why did you start CrossFit? I kind of fell into it, have always been involved in sport (came from a surfclub background, rowing surfboats), I was just doing some fitness training at another gym just to try keep in shape. They began to offer CrossFit classes. I immediately took a shine to it and haven’t looked back since. I am competitive by nature and CrossFit really feeds that for me. I really love the personal challenge I get to put to myself every day to be better than I was yesterday.

• What do you love about CrossFit Access? I love that even after the shittiest most stressful day at work, I can come to the gym, flog myself then drive home more at peace, with a fresh look on whatever the problem was. CrossFit for me is the best anti-depressant going around in my opinion! I also love the approachability of every member at the gym, the way everyone gets behind each other to support one another, in either a tough WOD, 1RM stuff or competitions is awesome. The coaches and staff do an amazing job at keeping the vibe bright all the time and make the members feel welcome and part of a community

• Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Consistency is key, results WILL happen, just keep turning up day after day and the results will come!

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