June 2, 2023

Whose got your back kid??  Did you answer with ‘I do’??

Or are you one of the many that leave that task to someone else.

That’s OK (and also, not ok) if you left yourself off the list. It’s OK if that discrepancy is just for now.

You see, we have your back, your CrossFit Access Coaches, staff and other members, we all have your back. We enjoy helping you get up and going and feeling confident.

But our ultimate goal is to give enough confidence for you to say ‘I got this!!’ Without the need to defer to having someone else promise you that you can. Our ultimate goal, is that the tools we provide you with in the gym such as making sure you are attending class, keeping you in goal setting mode, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and coaxing you into the community, mean that eventually you are able to do all of that stuff outside of the gym on your own, for yourself!

Sure we will always be there to lend a hand, guide you as and when necessary, we will never leave you wondering or unsure . . . But any good parent knows, their job is to develop their kids to be independent and confident.

So we will give you the proof that you can do this when you might not initially believe in yourself, we will show you evidence that you can achieve, we will give you a hand when you need it and a push when you require it . . . All of which is designed for you to go out into the Big Wide World, knowing that you are capable, having an inherent confidence in your capabilities to achieve or try new things, knowing that you have the ability to try something new, analyse, then work on the bits you need to, to do it better next time . . .

We promise you CONFIDENCE!

We got your back, until you can say you have yours!

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