MOVEMENT TIP: The Back Rack Lunge

June 2, 2023
MOVEMENT TIP: The Back Rack Lunge

CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the back rack lunge here, which is pretty much, as you've no doubt guessed by now, just another lunge, but this time the barbell is placed across the upper back, as it would be for a Back Squat.

Remember to ensure the barbell sits across the top of the upper back muscles, not on the verterbrae. Ensure your knees are aligned with the toes and the weight is on the heel of the front foot. If you are struggling to keep aligned, or the barbell on your back feels like it is forcing your chest forward and down, then just stick to some of the kettlebell and plate options we discussed with the Front Rack Lunge, until you build up your strength.

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