Training Tips For Brand New Mums

June 1, 2023
Training Tips For Brand New Mums

Training Tips For Brand New Mums

If you’ve just become a Mum, firstly, congratulations on your new family member!  If you’re a brand-new Mum then the thought of exercising probably isn’t high on your priority list. There’s feeding routines, hormones and of course sleep to focus on! Pregnancy, birth and the early baby stages are physically and mentally exhausting, plus, you may feel out of shape and afraid to get back in the gym.

Relax! Aido & the team at CrossFit Access are here to help you with some great training tips for brand new Mums. If this article rings true then you need to book in for a trial class, and let us help you get started.

  1. Don’t rush: Your body has been through an ordeal and it’s really important that you allow yourself time to properly recover. Whilst you may be keen to get back into your pre-baby shape, if you’ve had a C-section, you’ll need to wait at least 6 weeks before you can start any lifting or vigorous exercise and obviously make sure you have the all clear from your doctor! Regular births can allow for exercise sooner but it’s still important to take it slowly. Be patient with yourself and understand that you may not have the same energy or fitness levels as you did before and you know what? That’s ok!
  2. Buy A Good Sports Bra: Your body has gone through numerous changes and if you’re breastfeeding, you will need to factor that in. Buy a good sports bra before you start training to ensure that you get the support you need and don’t feel uncomfortable.
  3. Book a Trial Class: Even if you were a fitness pro before your pregnancy, your workout may need to be adjusted by your trainer now you’ve had your baby. At CrossFit Access we are happy to give you a one 2 one where you can create new WODs, ask advice and learn how to ease back into training.
  4. Focus on exercises that help your post-baby body: Child birth can often cause weakened pelvic floor muscles so after you have allowed 6 weeks to pass, you can incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your new fitness routine. But be careful not to overdo it – and definitely no tummy crunches before your six-week has passed.
  5. Be careful with weight training: Childbirth, especially C-section or a birth that has involved stitches, can equal no heavy lifting for some time afterwards. With CrossFit, there are plenty of effective exercises you can do without the weights. We recommend that you check with your doctor and one of our trainers before lifting.
  6. Enjoy yourself: Training can be a great experience for new Mums who want to grab some time out and focus on working towards a new fitness goal. Most importantly, our gym offers a friendly and motivational environment where you will meet great people.

Ready to get back into training after your birth? The first step is to book yourself in for a FREE trial session to assess your needs and design a new program to suit you. All you need to do is CLICK HERE and complete the form. Then one of our coaches will call you right away to discuss your goals.

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