Daniel Willis

Daniel Willis


Squat Clean: 152.5kg

Unbroken pull-ups: 50 reps

Grace: 1:35

Assault bike: Never passed out


CrossFit Level 1

Cert 3+4 Personal Training

About Coach

I’m a husband and dad who’s just trying to be a better version of myself one day at a time. I realize that I am blessed beyond measure and would love to help others see their potential and take one step at a time toward living a healthier, better life. While there have been so many factors that have contributed to my health and happiness, fitness has played a massive role. While I have competed in and enjoyed many different sports and activities, my highlights have to include: surfing some incredible waves around the world, competing in CrossFit with some good mates, and trying to keep up with my kids.

Turning Point

Just before my little girl turned 1, I suffered a pretty bad back injury. I had always prided myself on how indestructible I was and yet I was unable to pick up my little girl or walk with her down the beach. After talking with many healthcare professionals and experiencing months of pain (and hearing that I’d never lift, run or function at previous levels), I was convinced that I’d never be the same. The doubt began to set in and the thought of putting my little girl on my shoulders or coaching and being my son’s number 1 training partner (my wife was 4 months pregnant) was very real. But just when I was at my lowest and most desperate, the combination of a supportive community, knowledgeable rehab, a patient wife, and a desire to not give up came together. It was a long road back but I have since PB’d every lift, competed in CrossFit and triathlon, and most importantly managed to keep up with my kids (We’ll see how long that lasts). I’ve also learned to lean on others (literally), humbly accept wisdom and encouragement and empathize with those who are in difficult times. Never underestimate the wisdom of the road already traveled by others and the encouragement and motivation of your community to fuel your comeback, goals, or a simple desire to be better.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, I simply want to encourage others to enjoy the process of doing difficult things. Exercise benefits the body but it’s just as important for our minds and general well-being. If you can leave the gym feeling better, glad you rocked up, and more equipped to take on difficulties, then we’ve had a good session.

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