Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson


Deadlift - 220kg

Back Squat - 155kg

Clean - 130kg


CrossFit Level 1 / CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

Personal Trainer - Certificates

3 and 4 in Fitness PNF Stretching Accreditation

Australian Weightlifting Federation Club

Weightlifting Accreditation

Australian Weightlifting Federation

Sports Powerlifting Accreditation

About Coach


Turning Point

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle I reached a point where I was unhappy with myself and needed to change. Starting small I purchased a rowing machine and set it up in the spare bedroom at home. Every morning I would get up at 5.00 am before work, pop some headphones in, and row for 30 mins. That simple lifestyle change was hands down the most defining turning point for me. Seeing and feeling the positive impact small changes made I signed up for a CrossFit membership and from there it just snowballed. The camaraderie amongst the community and the privilege of witnessing the unlocking of people's potential is something that needs to be experienced to understand and something that I quickly discovered I wanted to play an integral part in. Coach Ando was born.

Motivation & Passion

One of the key reasons I am so passionate about coaching is my unwavering belief in the potential of every individual. I firmly believe that each person possesses unique talents, strengths, and abilities that are just waiting to be unleashed. This I feel is the motivation behind my passion for coaching, the ability to inspire others to discover their true potential and transform their lives drives me daily.

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