Nixxy Norman

Nixxy Norman



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About Coach

I have always been a fitness enthusiast from school and as I got older I branched out into sports I really enjoyed - from BMX racing, horse riding (showjumping), running half marathons, swimming to conventional gym. I always wanted “more” for my training and always wanted to excel at the best level I could. I found CrossFit in 2015 and absolutely loved the philosophy of the sport and how I could see results progressively, especially for women. Training for a specific sport goal can become mundane and motivation comes in waves, but with CrossFit I am yet to find a day that I am not in GO-GO mode. I get so pumped to workout and test the limits, but also lie on the floor feeling humbled about the WOD. I am a qualified nutritionist too, which has set me up for success knowing what foods work well for me and I am still seeing changes in my body composition from my daily habits and training regime. I want to pass this on to the members too and crack the code to building their own healthy habits and build a lifestyle that is sustainable. Immigrating from my home country, Zimbabwe, has been challenging but the one thing that has been consistent is CrossFit and I love how the community is so welcoming and uplifting. I have always felt an element of ‘home’ in each box I am apart of, Access will be no different and I am excited to be apart of this family.

Turning Point

Before I became a CF Coach I was a Kindergarten Teacher, trained in the Montessori Method. Prior to immigrating to Australia, my partner and I were in the UK for 2 years and we landed during COVID. I have never felt so isolated in my life, no family, no friends, no CrossFit, in lockdown and all while in this new country which was so unfamiliar to us in regards to culture, weather and other aspects. The teaching style in the settings were so different and the hours were a lot longer than I was used to. I felt like a ‘nanny’ rather than an educator and I even had better connections with the children compared to their own parents - the whole system was messed up and I was slowly losing my passion. I always had the mentality of “choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” and teaching was this for me, but after time I knew I needed to make a change. I asked myself, “what else do I absolutely love and have so much time and passion for?” and I immediately thought of CrossFit. It had changed my life for the better and I wanted to “give back” to CrossFit and share my love and enthusiasm for the sport. So I signed up for the Level 1 course and became a L1 CF Trainer. I knew I made the right decision but I still couldn’t leave the school, so I did mornings at the school and coached in the evenings but I was slowly reaching burnout. I had to choose between the two. Long story short, I chose CrossFit and have never looked back. And because I missed the kiddos so much I did my CrossFit Kids training too! Best of both worlds I reckon…

Motivation & Passion

At the moment my motivation is coming from competitions - I am in the “hungry” era where I just want to smash every workout to better myself and get fitter, stronger and faster and see where this sport takes me. So if I am hot on standards, you can see where this is coming from… Another motivator is creating a balanced approach to nutrition so that I can live a sustainable lifestyle and I want to share the knowledge I have with the Access members so they too can reach their full potential - whatever their goals and capabilities are. CrossFit and the methodology is a passion of mine too, as I have seen first hand how it transformed my life for the better and I am so excited to spread my love for this sport and to help our CrossFit community reach their fitness goals.

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