Renee Evans

Renee Evans


All about that strict strength


CrossFit L1

Diploma in Clinical Pilates

Cert III & IV in Fitness Performance

Nutrition L1

Curtin University Dental Hygiene

Bachelor of Science, health science

About Coach

I never played a sport as a kid. 100% couch potato! I grew up in the WA Pilbra, and my time was more focused on art & being out on the boat than in the desert heat Not long after graduating from uni I enrolled myself in a bootcamp as a way to lose some weight. I remember my first session, I was sooo unfit! In 2016 I started CrossFit Morley and became the strongest, fittest & most capable person. I've competed locally as an individual & a team over the years. I love the community, the support & performance aspects of this sport, and what can be achieved with the right training, recovery tools & coaching.

Turning Point

Life is full of learning experiences & internal pivot points. CrossFit competitions can be daunting. I was asked a very simple question once when it came to deciding if I were to compete or not. The question was "What are you scared of?" .. I sat with that question. And the only truthful answer I could come up with was "not being GOOD ENOUGH", I didn't want to fail and be venerable. I decided on them. I am good enough. I don't want my ego and any fear to hold me back from a really awesome experience. I'm going to give it a go. Give it a go ;)

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about Women's Health in sports & love to train Women in CrossFit.

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