Athlete of the Month August Malaga 2018

June 2, 2023
Athlete of the Month August Malaga 2018

Huge congrats to Clint, our Athlete of the month In August. The silverback enforcer Clint has really stepped up his training lately. He has been taking part in specialty classes, enduro and also doing class WODs on top of that. The results are really showing with the big man getting ripped. Not only in the gym has Clint been killing it but he also took place in The Look good Naked (with clothes on as He says LGC) and has been one of the challenges biggest success stories. How he finds the time to fit all of this in when running a business and also being an amazing  Dad to his awesome kids. A very well deserved recipient of the member of the month for his training but where Clint is at his best is contributing to our community. You will catch him  cheering other members on, giving hugs, making jokes or just being a top notch bloke. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing what this legend can achieve in the future!

Let's get to know about this inspiring Dad here:

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