Athlete of the Month June - Morley

June 2, 2023
Athlete of the Month June - Morley

Huge congrats to our athlete of the month for June Simon Clinton!  Simon has been consistent and attentive with everything the coaches have been trying to get him to digest. This effort in trying something new has opened a whole new world to him while still allowing Simon to work on improving his skills which over time, has allowed him to add them into workouts. The trust he has shown to accept the process has led to him improving not only in strength, but also skill and mobility in a short space of time.  It’s great to watch this evolution unfold! And we as a team of coaches look forward to what the future holds for Simon. It's always great to see such a big lifestyle change in our members, and always a pleasure working with you!

Let's get to know more about this inspiring athlete here:

• Name: Simon Clinton

• Age: 39

• Occupation: Accountant.

• How long have you been at CrossFit Access? Just over 4 years.

• What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Spending time with my kids Aidan and Aoife.

• What is your favourite and least favourite movements or WODs? I like the hero WODS because they are pretty epic and reading the background of the guys they are named after makes you think a bit, and oly lifting (bit of a love/hate relationship).

• What your biggest achievement so far? Getting fitter and mobile, did a couple of 3v3 comps and the in house comps which were tough but fun. The Access people all get behind you.

• What are your future goals? Get bigger, faster and stronger like everyone, but at the moment I am working on trying to get a lot fitter, cleaner with my movements and better nutrition.

• Who’s your box buddy? All the crew at 5.30am (its freezing at the moment, even Yousef is in his uggies) and Ash, we did fundamentals with Kelly together way back at the old gym.

• Why did you start CrossFit? It was just before my son Aidan was born and I wanted to get fitter and change up a few things in my lifestyle.

• What do you love about CrossFit Access? Great coaches, staff and programming, extras like enduro and Olympic Lifting which I really enjoy when I get a chance to attend, great people and culture in the box, and you can mix it up across Morley, Wangara and Malaga if different things are happening.

• Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Train at least 3 times a week and be consistent, I was hit and miss for a while when I first started and you really don’t get anywhere and feel like you’re having to relearn everything over and over again.

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