June 2, 2023

Huge congratulations to Duncan Oliver for winning our member of the month in November 2018!  Duncan has really thrown himself in at the deep end since starting at Access Morley, but in a good way. He’s been extremely consistent with training hitting the 5:30am Class with the crew. Scaling workouts to allow him to progress nicely, all while staying injury free. Learning his skills he’s improving at an awesome rate and soon to have most of his skills down. All the while doing it with a smile on his face and finishing to help others through! It's always great to see such a big lifestyle change in our members, and always a pleasure working with you.

Let's get to know more about this inspiring athlete here:

Name: Duncan Oliver

Age: 30

Occupation: Quantity Surveyor

How long have you been at CrossFit Access? Around 4 months

What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Beers with mates, playing guitar, watching sports

What is your favourite and least favourite movements or WODs? Favourite - The gymnastics movements are fun

Least Favourite - Front Squat or Thrusters

What your biggest achievement so far? Legless rope climbs (I don’t like heights)What are your future goals? To continue to improve my fitness.

Tell us something we don’t know about you. I’m a SCUBA diving instructor and worked in Egypt, Borneo and Exmouth before arriving in Perth.

Who’s your box buddy? Adam Drillsma

Why did you start CrossFit? I didn’t know anything about CrossFit until January, when Adam talked me into joining the same gym as him and it turns out I really enjoy it.

What do you love about CrossFit Access? Everything. The people are friendly and fun, the workouts are challenging and varied and the coaches are great, providing guidance, advice and encouragement for everyone.

Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Sign up and go have fun whilst getting fit at the same time.

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