CrossFit Myths BUSTED (why it rules)

June 1, 2023
CrossFit Myths BUSTED (why it rules)

Have you heard about CrossFit but held back from joining because you heard some CrossFit Myth which scared you off?

There are many myths about CrossFit, mostly spread by people who have never stepped foot inside a facility.

The following are some common objections to CrossFit and why they’re simply not true.

Myth #1 CrossFit is for Fitness Freaks

Promotional materials for CrossFit often include people in peak physical fitness.

When you step through the doors, the first thing you’ll notice is members come from all walks of life. Some are at the top of their game, others are making progress in their weight loss journey and there are members who are in the exact same boat as you.

In a way, CrossFit is for fitness freaks but that’s the end goal, not the starting point. A great gym will cater to all levels of experience.

Myth #2 You’ll end up being bulky

Some people fear CrossFit because they don’t want to end up looking like a professional weightlifter. The truth is it takes a LOT of work to get to that point and you aren’t likely to reach if you sign up for three or four sessions per week.Speak with your trainer about your personal goals for your physique and they’ll help you reach them. If being ‘big’ is a goal, they can help you with that too.

Myth #3 You’ll throw up at the end of every training session

This is simply not true! CrossFit is designed to push you to your limits but throwing up is a sign you have pushed too far. A good trainer will never make you challenge yourself but you don’t have to see vomiting after a workout as a badge of honour.

There may be some CrossFitters who have a sense of pride in throwing up after a workout but it’s rare you’ll find a trainer who expects you to do so.

Myth #4 You’ll get ‘Rhabdo’

Rhabdomyolysis is to a dangerous condition that happens when you overuse your body. It causes muscle cell materials to leak into your blood and is potentially fatal. If you get Rhabdo, you are likely to need some medical attention and serious time out from training.You may have seen marathon runners collapsing from rhabdomyolysis. It’s very hard to watch but fortunately it is rare. And it won’t happen to you as soon as you start working out. As with vomiting, a good trainer will never push you to the point where you permanently damage your body.

Myth #5 You’ll injure yourself doing CrossFit

When training, you need to take a strategic approach in order to avoid hurting yourself. Signing up for CrossFit does not mean you will automatically injure yourself, however if you approach the high-intensity workouts without caution you have higher chances of pulling a muscle. To minimise this risk, start slow, build on what you can do and always listen to your trainer.

Myth #6 CrossFit is super competitive

Your goal may be to compete in CrossFit on a global scale. If it’s not, that’s fine too!Your local box will host regular competitions which can be a lot of fun to train for and participate in but there is no pressure to take part. Go along and watch a few times if you’re not feeling confident. You may find you feel inspired enough to give it a go.The other thing to note is each CrossFit training session is far from competitive. You’ll be encouraged to work with your fellow teammates and give them encouragement.

Myth #7 Every CrossFit Gym is the same

While there is unity across CrossFit gyms and they follow the same set of principles, not every gym is an exact replica of the one around the corner.

Crossfit gym/box owners strive to bring their individual stamp to their facility, bringing their own philosophies and teaching styles. Some facilities encourage group events, others like to share motivational memes or host educational sessions. You’ll never find two the same.

Now you know the truth about CrossFit, are you ready to give it a try? Book a trial class today!

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