MOVEMENT TIP: The Front Squat

June 5, 2023
MOVEMENT TIP: The Front Squat

Once we've nailed the perfect Air Squat, we can start to add some weight. This can be done with a kettlebell in the form of a Goblet Squat, or a barbell in the form of a Front Squat, which CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher demonstrates for us here, or a Back Squat, which we look at next week. Adding weight can often mean your perfect squat starts to fall apart, so don't get too distracted by the barbell - keep your focus on knees out, chest lifted and a great neutral spine.- all the things that made your air squat perfect! The rack position is an important feature of the Front Squat - it's important to get your elbows up to create a ledge of shoulder muscle for the barbell to rest across. With tight lats, shoulders and triceps, a lot of people don't quite have the mobility for this rack position, so start working with your coaches on developing a good rack position as early as possible.

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