June 2, 2023

Come to the gym we all say.

You’ll love it we say.

You’ll get fit and strong and feel better about life we say.

Cue pissy look on your face and variations of “will you shut the frig up, I’ve tried it before and I don’t like it”.  Oops, clearly touched a nerve – our bad!

But I’m here to tell you that is ok. You are not a failure, or a giver-upper, it simply means you are not that kind of people.  Just like there are people who buy Revlon and others who stick solely with A’Kin,  and there are people happy with plonk from the supermarket but others who would never go near a drink that wasn’t a Bombay Gin, it simply means you are a different kind of people, quite possibly a more intelligent kind of people even!

The kind of people that needs to be motivated to do the exercise thing, you know, someone to push you and to do something different each day!

It’s so good for you it even has a name! Functional Fitness! And there are loads of reasons for doing it.

Studies have shown that people that did functional fitness enjoyed the activity more, and had higher measures of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self esteem – so you are likely a more intelligent and happier kind of people even!

The energy demands from exercising with functional movements, and ground that doesn’t move for you, treadmill styles, increases the energy demands of the exercise – hello more calories burned!Then there’s the watching YouTube (or whatever iteration of the google box you watch while doing your cardio) versus watching nature and people . . . enough said.

Especially for those stuck in an office or home environment all day, training is like a hit of strong coffee . . . breathing  heavy is just good for every part of your being. Nature does in fact boost our immune system and protect us from the stressors of indoor pollution and the stress that we bring on ourselves by thinking too much and breathing too shallow – there is nothing better than some deep breaths of fresh air when you are a little on the frazzled side!

Additionally, the endorphin rush you get after a class has been shown to reduce the risk of lifestyle related disease, reduce depression symptoms and give you a boost of serotonin which is the happy hormone.

So it seems the functional fitness kind of people are onto a winner, and it kind of explains that there is some evidence to support the fact that there is a greater chance for people who discontinue the stationary machine style thing, that functional fitness offers enough added benefit that they stick at it!  Boom, drop the mike we have something that is right up your alley! (OK don’t drop the mike yet we haven’t finished).Our solution – Access Bootcamps.

These will be kicking off in the new year! If you want to join our mailing list CLICK HERE to keep up to date with the details(now you can drop the mike)  ?Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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