MOVEMENT TIP: The Hang Snatch

June 2, 2023
MOVEMENT TIP: The Hang Snatch

While the Snatch is executed from the ground, the Hang Snatch, demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart, is a variation of the movement which is started from a ‘hanging’ position i.e. above ground level in any of the following start points:

High-Hang: Upper thigh

Mid-hang: Mid-thigh

Hang: Top of knee caps

Knee: Bar at knee caps

Low: Bar just below knees

If nothing is specified, the hang snatch is typically done from just above the knee.

The hang snatch is often used in the initial months of working on the snatch to ensure proper positioning and balance and by more experienced athletes as a training exercise to produce more explosive force in the hip extension.

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