Why Fit is the New Skinny Thanks to CrossFit

June 2, 2023
Why Fit is the New Skinny Thanks to CrossFit

Gone are the days when super-skinny fashion models had the most idolised figures. Now, it is all about fitspiration and having a body which is healthy and capable of taking you where you want to go.

The fact is, being skinny doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy. Find out why ‘strong’ is better than ‘slim’ any day.

Skinny can be impossible to achieve in a healthy way

While some people are naturally thin, that rail-thin figure just isn’t going to happen for a lot of us. We could have a naturally muscular build or carry more weight in certain parts of our body.

Striving to achieve a build which is a million light years away from your own can lead to dangerous obsession and unhealthy choices. You can also feel as though you will never achieve your goals.

It’s fine to set a goal of losing a few pounds or fitting into the next size down of clothes but working towards the blanket term of ‘skinny’ may actually backfire on you.

Being fit means you’re giving your body the food it needs

‘Diet’ and ‘skinny’ go hand in hand. Often, working to achieve ‘skinny’ status means restricting calories, forgoing carbs and cutting out entire food groups. Again, this can cause health issues as you could end up denying your body some of its basic needs.

When you have ‘strong’ in mind, you’re being more calculated about what you eat but you are focused on the right balance of nutrients to help you achieve more, not simply eat less. This includes slow-burn carbs, plenty of protein-packed nuts, a rainbow of fresh veg and the right amount of meat for your body.

When you’re in shape, you can do more

So much more. Skinny girls (and guys) may look amazing in a swimsuit, but do they have the confidence to try surfing for the first time or attempt a backflip off their friends’ yachts (let’s dream big here)?

Forget skinny and set yourself goals like being fit enough to race your kids or give roller derby a crack.

Getting strong is lots of fun

Being on a diet is yawn-inducing. It doesn’t encourage you to make new friends, get out and try new things or work your way to natural-endorphin highs.

The best way to get strong is to join a like-minded community. Here, you will find the support you need to start making big changes. You’ll feel like you’re really part of something and you’ll finish each training session with a smile on your face that lettuce simply can’t deliver (sorry lettuce).

Being fit means you can ditch the scales

Life doesn’t have to be measured kilo by kilo when you are working towards being fit. Instead, you can work towards other goals like being about to lift a certain amount or finally doing a push-up.

When you’re obsessed with the scales on a daily basis, you’ll be disappointed by setbacks but the truth is everybody’s weight fluctuates from day to day.

The amazing side-effect of focusing on your fitness is yes, you will lose weight. But in addition, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll forget about stressing over a daily weigh-in.

Track your progress at the gym and limit yourself to stepping on the scales every few weeks. Just remember that as well as losing fat, you’ll be gaining muscle, another reason to forget about your goal weight and turn your attention to enjoying your new, active lifestyle. Use the way you feel and how your clothes are fitting as your measure. Join the movement #fuckthescales and spread the word!!!Like anything, it is always possible to have too much of a good thing. So focus on fitness but work with your coach to set realistic goals so you don’t injure yourself or put your body under too much pressure.

Ready to forget about skinny and start working towards being fit? CLICK HERE to claim a Free CrossFit Class and join our super fun and welcoming community.

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